martedì 31 agosto 2010

Inspiring flowers      -

Looking at Zara's TRF Spring/Summer Collection 2010, I noticed flowers over flowers. Soon my mind recall that rectangle of flowered fabric in one of my bags full of materials: "It would be perfect!"

So, if you are a huge Zara's TRF fan and have recently flowered up your wardrobe, or you if just love the peaceful tones of roses prints, seek my next posts about my new bag, flowerly inspired by this collection.

sabato 28 agosto 2010

Strange Little Creature

The LANTERN BUG, properly Pyrops candelarius, is an insect in the order of Hemiptera, native to southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand, etc). 

Not the legends about it, nor a certain popularity among collectors made me choose this little animal as my mascotte, but simply (and "outsider-ly") its particular and lovely snout ad its wings, garishly patterned with bright and contrasting colours. 

I sighted it while looking for some photographic material to study for an enthomology test I had, and since then I totally fell in love with it and its adorable snout. 

Probably all the ideas of a sane handmader you had built up up to now have just been infrancted. But I'm conscious of it, 'cause it happens when you have a weakness for strange little creatures!

giovedì 26 agosto 2010

Who is the Lantern Bug?

Hi everyone, my name is Chiara.

When I was a little girl, I used to stare at my granny while she was sewing. With contempling and learning eyes, I suddenly felt in love with the needlecraft world.

Large fabric rectangles, a meter, some skillful and precise soapstone strokes, and then cuttings which suddenly happened to be a perfect inlay for what would have become a dress, a jacket, a blouse, a coat...
I learnt that all of those things can be produced with our very own hands, and creating clothing, objects and accessories rapidly seemed - and seems! - to me the most beautiful thing on Earth.

I was a tiny five-years-old girl and already had my darning-needle and coloured cotton and nylon threads, ready to create a new whole wardrobe for my dolls..or dolls themselves! 

These are dolls I made at the age of 8

Later, my big love for bags and accessories.

So, what with one encouragement and another, here I am to propose to you bloggers my creations, hoping they are to your liking. I will also share with you my new ideas and projects and I hope to find someone with whom to reciprocally share our personal "sewing experience".

I draw, paint, play the guitar, sing and in addition to bags, I also take delight in making little crafts, ranging over bath and beauty products, greetings cards and other little things suitable for gifts.

In my daily life, I am a college student in Art Diagnostic for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, learning a material approach to art objects and feeding my inborn curiosity for materials and their chemical and physical properties.

Chiara, the Lantern Bug