sabato 27 agosto 2011

August's Special - 4th part: Sailing Outdoors

Sailing Outdoors

Here's the fourth and last creation for this August's Special *

Holidays are about to finish as summer goes to the end...Need anything to cheer you up? Indulge yourself in a summer fantasy and let you be carried out swinging to an imaginary trip by sea...SAILING OUTDOORS!
This blue, white and red reefer tote has been made in a fine piqué cotton, lined with a white synthetic smooth fabric, and refined at the triangular folded down merges with a white translucent shantung, decorated with solid red cotton ribbons, in a way that immediately recalls those beautiful sailboats, floating in the sea, on a midsummer sunset...
Lantern Bug eyes this time lighted on the shoulder strap, a blue and white cotton drawstring fixed with a "Gassa d'Amante semplice" marine knot!

Let's hoist the sails, let's go SAILING OUTDOORS!

- Bag
Width 22 cm
Height 26 cm
Depth 5 cm

- Shoulder strap
Lenght 60 cm

***The name SAILING OUTDOORS is intended to be a homage to the great John Frusciante, his amazing To record Only Water For Ten Days album and all his solo music. I highly recommend you all to listen to his wonderful and extraordinary mind and soul. <3 ***

venerdì 19 agosto 2011

August's Special - 3rd part: Belly the Whale

Belly the Whale

And here's the marine cr..eature! Belly the Whale, novelty shoulder bag, handy and -most of all- original and one of a kind, just like every single Lantern Bug's creation!

Belly the Whale has been shaped with a blue piqué cotton, to which nylon handmade appliques and a simple hand embroidery have been added ton both sides to figure her cute eyes and her shy smile, respectively. A finishing touch on the outside has been given with the machine embroidered fin draw, while the inside is lined with a smooth fish-like blue lining.

Sling this unique and funny shoulder bag across your body with the light blue splash-shaped adjustable drawstring, unzip her and fill her with your wallet, keys, -why not- your diary, agenda and whatever you like to bring always with you! 

- Body
Width 28 cm
Height 22 cm

- Zip
Lenght 17 cm

- Drawstring
Lenght 120 cm (up to)

Don't forget the special discounts!

August's Special - third part and sea scent

Seaside or countryside?
The typical August dilemma is about to take shape on Lantern Bug's shelves: August's Special moves from the countryside (Aug 6th's Wooden Swirls, Aug 13th's Birdwatcher) to the seaside, bringing you blue tones and -for this third part- a marine craft...! Why marine? Stay tuned and you'll soon know, the third part of this Special will be out in listing in a bunch of hours, on Saturday 20th, 00.00 !

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domenica 14 agosto 2011


Hi everyone, today's sunday 14th and here's the surprise I promised a few days ago!
August is Lantern Bug's birthday month, so, why not celebrate it with a special discount?
Here's a -10% discount spendable for any Lantern Bug item!

Coupon Code: 1STBDAY11

How does it work?
Copy the coupon code and past it on the coupon box while making your order: the price applied to the purchasing will be 10% off!
Easy and quick!
So, what are you waiting for? 

Please note that you cannot sum coupon codes up: you can only use them once at the time. This means that you can use Lantern Bug's first birthday coupon code OR MIIT coupon code. They're both a 10% discount :)  Note that while you cannot sum discounts up (eg. 10% + 10% -> 20% off), you can obviously apply the discount to the sum of two or more items (eg. item1 + item2 = tot -> this is the price to which the discount will be applied).

*The Offer ends on August 31st, 12pm.

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sabato 13 agosto 2011

Made in Italy Team and special discount!

Have you ever heard of Etsy Teams? They're communities of people with the same interests, gathering together to collaborate and have a crafty fun.
Lantern Bug recently joined the always in ferment Made in Italy Team (MIIT) and here's a special gift on the occasion of the opening of the MIIT's official blog: a 10% off the prices of each item on sale in the adehering Etsy Shops - Lantern Bug obviously included!

How does it work? It's easy and quick

1) Subscribe to the MIIT blog's mailing list: look for the box and fill in the form. Don't forget to agree to the privacy statement!

2) Now check your inbox: you'll get an email from MadeInItaly Team; Confirm your registration


3) Your subscription is now registered: soon you'll get an email with the coupon code by which you'll be able to get the special discount!

Isn't this easy? Subscribe!

Uhm..was this the surprise I promised? No, check this blog tomorrow...!
And, if you missed it out, check Birdwatcher, the new item by Lantern Bug for the crazy August's Special!

August's Special - and here it is, the second part is on the shelves: Birdwatcher, the winged four-eyed novelty pouch/case

Birdwatcher - the winged four-eyed pouch/case

Tired of conventional shapes? Craving for something really bizarre and one of a kind? Birdwatcher is exactly what suits right for you!

This novelty cartoonian-bird-shaped pouch is made in plain pink cotton, with wings and tail in a daring chequered light cloth and a proud beak in deep brown velvet. His watchful eyes and funny glasses have been created with a comic-strip-like blueish green embroidery and two overlapping metal and plastic button appliqués. A handy zip closure is placed on the upper part of the half-moon body and a pink synthetic satin lining puts a finishing touch to the inside part too.

 Wear it as a pouch, make it the perfect case for your mp3 player, a funny purse for your savings: be creative, be unconventional, wear Birdwatcher, the winged and four-eyed novelty creation by Lantern Bug!

- Body
lenght   18 cm (up to)
height   12 cm (up to)

- Zip
lenght   18 cm

Uhm...Know what? Lantern Bug's still not fully there any further surprise...? Stay stitched and you'll know!

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venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Already guessed?

He has a quite distinguishing mouth...

I'm sure you've all guessed! Are you ready for his big entry?

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Another puzzling preview...

-2 hours to the second part of Augist's Special:

Does he fly? Or does he swim?

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giovedì 11 agosto 2011

mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

August's Special: the second part is coming!

What's next in this August's Special? Find it out this saturday, August 13th!

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domenica 7 agosto 2011

Shopping on Etsy


Interested to a Lantern Bug craft but not yet an Etsy member?
No problem, joining Etsy it's easy and free:

- Click on join and fill the form in;
- A confirmation email will be sent to your account: you'll need only a click to validate your account and voilà: welcome to the community!

Chose a profile image, create Treasuries, favorite items and shops lists, browse thru vintage, handmade and supplies items...
...or get over it and become an Etsy seller you too!

Still mumbling and mumbling? Leave a comment here, I'll be glad to answer your dilemmas!

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sabato 6 agosto 2011

August's special - 1st part: Wooden Swirls

Wooden Swirls - August's Special's first item

As promised, it's saturday and the first part of August's Special marches out: here's Wooden Swirls, the sylvan hand-tote.

Made in a very fine and soft to the touch cotton, the small hand-tote is wavy-shaped to usher your eyes through the serially embroidered floral swirls which in a temperate capriccio tangle themselves to an aery lacteous whimsical space. 

The distinctive two wooden handles are fastened to the tote body with a spicate beige ribbon, stitched with natural earth coloured threads. The practical aspect hasn't been left aside; a discreet velcro strap positioned on the inside cream-coloured lining ensures a safe and practical closure.

- Bag
height:     21 cm (higher part)
               18 cm (shorter part)
lenght:     25 cm (upper part)
               20 cm (base)

- Handles
lenght:  20 cm
height:  5 cm

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venerdì 5 agosto 2011

New items out in August!

This month Lantern Bug's working hard to bring you...a new item every week!
Pick up a pen and write it down: the first item will be out tomorrow, August 6th!

What will it be? 

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