sabato 6 agosto 2011

August's special - 1st part: Wooden Swirls

Wooden Swirls - August's Special's first item

As promised, it's saturday and the first part of August's Special marches out: here's Wooden Swirls, the sylvan hand-tote.

Made in a very fine and soft to the touch cotton, the small hand-tote is wavy-shaped to usher your eyes through the serially embroidered floral swirls which in a temperate capriccio tangle themselves to an aery lacteous whimsical space. 

The distinctive two wooden handles are fastened to the tote body with a spicate beige ribbon, stitched with natural earth coloured threads. The practical aspect hasn't been left aside; a discreet velcro strap positioned on the inside cream-coloured lining ensures a safe and practical closure.

- Bag
height:     21 cm (higher part)
               18 cm (shorter part)
lenght:     25 cm (upper part)
               20 cm (base)

- Handles
lenght:  20 cm
height:  5 cm

{ Leggi il contenuto in italiano - chiave di ricerca: Augist's Special - 1^ parte: Wooden Swirls }

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