venerdì 19 agosto 2011

August's Special - 3rd part: Belly the Whale

Belly the Whale

And here's the marine cr..eature! Belly the Whale, novelty shoulder bag, handy and -most of all- original and one of a kind, just like every single Lantern Bug's creation!

Belly the Whale has been shaped with a blue piqué cotton, to which nylon handmade appliques and a simple hand embroidery have been added ton both sides to figure her cute eyes and her shy smile, respectively. A finishing touch on the outside has been given with the machine embroidered fin draw, while the inside is lined with a smooth fish-like blue lining.

Sling this unique and funny shoulder bag across your body with the light blue splash-shaped adjustable drawstring, unzip her and fill her with your wallet, keys, -why not- your diary, agenda and whatever you like to bring always with you! 

- Body
Width 28 cm
Height 22 cm

- Zip
Lenght 17 cm

- Drawstring
Lenght 120 cm (up to)

Don't forget the special discounts!

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