venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

Here's the surprise: Winter Holidays Discount!

Late Santas? Handmade Lovers? Here's the special Christmas gift from Lantern Bug to all of you followers, a 10% off the price of any of the two  handmade shoulderbags listed on LB's Etsy shop!

Wondering  how to get this special discount? It's easy, put the item chosen on your cart, click for check out and copy&paste the coupon code when asked in the guided procedure. 

Two items, two coupon codes, so..the faster you are, the more likely you are going to be the lucky one to grab the discount! Hurry up, Winter Holidays Discount codes will be active till January 8th only!

Flora - grab the gift!

Golden Fall - grab the gift!

***Click here to view the related pdf document***

For any question, doubt and request about this special offer or anything else, feel free to write me at!

giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Lantern Bug has not forgotten to take a look at the calendar...Christmas is knocking at the door, so here is an up to date happy-holiday-header and soon lots of surprises to give your Holidays the handmade touch they need!

martedì 7 dicembre 2010

Golden Fall featured on Hot Gold Etsy Treasury list!

Today's been an unexpected surprise to read the messages on my Etsy account...the etsyan breathmorti spotted my latest item on sale to feature it in her Etsy Treasury list, Hot Gold!

(It may sound silly, but it gives me a kind of strange and thrilling impression to be featured on Treasury!)
I recommend to spend a minute to check the glittering Hot Gold Treasury list out and know something more about breathmorti and her creations.

Stay stitched!

lunedì 15 novembre 2010

GOLDEN FALL - a graceful and versatile handmade shoulder bag

Warm and soft at the touch, golden and graceful at the sight, this fine cloth shoulder bag is perfectly tuned with Fall's colors. 

It takes less than a second to catch its versatile nature: cute and elegant when worn at special occasions, functional and capacious when choosen as a companion in your daily routine.

The warm brown lining matches with the bright chocholate tones of the satin weave trimmings that pace along the curve flap margins.

Lantern Bug always has watchful eyes for details - look at the right bottom: an organdie-covered handmade button and a satin weave golden-stitched ribbon keep your autumn-colored treasure fastened in such a cute way!

Golden Fall has been exposed at the ArteStrasse fair in Brescia, reaching so much approval and appreciation. Don't miss out the chance to make it yours: gift yourself or a loved-one the warm and bright colors of the Autumn.

Click here to get to the store page, where you can find further infomation and some more pictures: the cutest item of the season is waiting for you to grab it!

venerdì 12 novembre 2010

Fall-time...a Golden Fall-time...

By this time, Fall and its bright and warm colors have conquered our landscapes, why not letting us be conquered too? A pale but vibrant sunshine clears its way thru the boughs of some chestnut trees...a natural spotlight on Lantern Bug's next item in listing! Look at this preview and don't miss the listing out: Nov 15th, 8 pm (GMT+1) !

domenica 26 settembre 2010

ArteStrasse - Brescia (3)

I'm back from the ArteStrasse fair in Brescia, I'm so tired!

The day has been pretty tiring but satisfiyng. I got lots of appreciation and support from perfect strangers and it's been as amazing as conforting! So, thanks very much to all of you passer-byes and a special mention endowed with a big hug goes to Elena and Miriam that kindly invited me at their stand and made it possible for me to be gifted with the appreciation and support I received!

Here are some pictures for you "nosy parkers" to see :)

My Mondrian inspired weekender and Red Apple mini bag
Next item in listing: Golden Fall shoulder bag!

Elena and her amazing environmentally friendly jewelry
Miriam's delicate handmade earrings
If you want to know more about Elena and Miriam's works, leave here a comment or write me at!

venerdì 24 settembre 2010

ArteStrasse - Brescia (2)

Just a picture I took yesterday late at night:
my efforts to bring something good to the fair are gradually
showing themselves :P

giovedì 23 settembre 2010

Lantern Bug's shop on Etsy is finally online!

I'm thrilled to do you proud to my online store!
Lantern Bug has now its own little corner hosted on Etsy, a fantastic site which gives handmakers, vintage-lovers and suppliers the chance to buy and sell all things -obviously- handmade, vintage and supplies.

Flora, the flower-inspired shoulder bag I lately obsessed you with is my first item in listing.
Soon more and more items will be up for sale, so be sure to keep your finger on the pulse!

martedì 21 settembre 2010

ArteStrasse - Brescia

Elena and Miriam are two girls fond for the handmaking - cute and colorful paper bracelets, elegant hardstone pendants and naturally-looking wooden earrings. 
You can find them and their worthy creations on Sunday, September 25th at the ArteStrasse fair in via Carlo Cattaneo, Brescia

Chances are to see me there too...! 
I've been invited by the girls, so I'm working hard to craft a bag for the occasion, I hope to succeed in the venture! 

Soon you'll know the leading theme of the idea..tomorrow's September 21st, Fall and its golden colors are coming...

lunedì 20 settembre 2010

Inspiring Flowers (3) - Done!

Flowerly inspired by Zara's TRF S/S '10 collection colors and patterns, this pretty shoulder bag is suitable both for your daily routine and for special occasions. Nice would result matching it with a beige dress or coat, and even better would be a flower-themed hair slide!

The outer part is made entirely of tough printed cotton fabric, while the lining is made of a gentle beige-colored synthetic material. 

Coordinated to the print, there are a particular old rose decorative plastic button on the front and a functional zipper on the inside. The shoulder strap in hardware is adjustable, as you can easily take how many bows you want off the chain.

Soon loads of pictures and further details of the item!

domenica 5 settembre 2010

Inspiring flowers (2) and some good news

A few days ago I talked about how Zara's TRF Spring/Summer collection had inspired me. 
Here is the result, step after step it's taking the shape of the bag I pictured in my mind that day! 

Stay tuned to see it finished and ready to ship...Yes, ship! Lantern bug online store is going to open at last! Where? On, your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage and supplies!

martedì 31 agosto 2010

Inspiring flowers      -

Looking at Zara's TRF Spring/Summer Collection 2010, I noticed flowers over flowers. Soon my mind recall that rectangle of flowered fabric in one of my bags full of materials: "It would be perfect!"

So, if you are a huge Zara's TRF fan and have recently flowered up your wardrobe, or you if just love the peaceful tones of roses prints, seek my next posts about my new bag, flowerly inspired by this collection.

sabato 28 agosto 2010

Strange Little Creature

The LANTERN BUG, properly Pyrops candelarius, is an insect in the order of Hemiptera, native to southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand, etc). 

Not the legends about it, nor a certain popularity among collectors made me choose this little animal as my mascotte, but simply (and "outsider-ly") its particular and lovely snout ad its wings, garishly patterned with bright and contrasting colours. 

I sighted it while looking for some photographic material to study for an enthomology test I had, and since then I totally fell in love with it and its adorable snout. 

Probably all the ideas of a sane handmader you had built up up to now have just been infrancted. But I'm conscious of it, 'cause it happens when you have a weakness for strange little creatures!

giovedì 26 agosto 2010

Who is the Lantern Bug?

Hi everyone, my name is Chiara.

When I was a little girl, I used to stare at my granny while she was sewing. With contempling and learning eyes, I suddenly felt in love with the needlecraft world.

Large fabric rectangles, a meter, some skillful and precise soapstone strokes, and then cuttings which suddenly happened to be a perfect inlay for what would have become a dress, a jacket, a blouse, a coat...
I learnt that all of those things can be produced with our very own hands, and creating clothing, objects and accessories rapidly seemed - and seems! - to me the most beautiful thing on Earth.

I was a tiny five-years-old girl and already had my darning-needle and coloured cotton and nylon threads, ready to create a new whole wardrobe for my dolls..or dolls themselves! 

These are dolls I made at the age of 8

Later, my big love for bags and accessories.

So, what with one encouragement and another, here I am to propose to you bloggers my creations, hoping they are to your liking. I will also share with you my new ideas and projects and I hope to find someone with whom to reciprocally share our personal "sewing experience".

I draw, paint, play the guitar, sing and in addition to bags, I also take delight in making little crafts, ranging over bath and beauty products, greetings cards and other little things suitable for gifts.

In my daily life, I am a college student in Art Diagnostic for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, learning a material approach to art objects and feeding my inborn curiosity for materials and their chemical and physical properties.

Chiara, the Lantern Bug