domenica 26 settembre 2010

ArteStrasse - Brescia (3)

I'm back from the ArteStrasse fair in Brescia, I'm so tired!

The day has been pretty tiring but satisfiyng. I got lots of appreciation and support from perfect strangers and it's been as amazing as conforting! So, thanks very much to all of you passer-byes and a special mention endowed with a big hug goes to Elena and Miriam that kindly invited me at their stand and made it possible for me to be gifted with the appreciation and support I received!

Here are some pictures for you "nosy parkers" to see :)

My Mondrian inspired weekender and Red Apple mini bag
Next item in listing: Golden Fall shoulder bag!

Elena and her amazing environmentally friendly jewelry
Miriam's delicate handmade earrings
If you want to know more about Elena and Miriam's works, leave here a comment or write me at!

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