giovedì 26 agosto 2010

Who is the Lantern Bug?

Hi everyone, my name is Chiara.

When I was a little girl, I used to stare at my granny while she was sewing. With contempling and learning eyes, I suddenly felt in love with the needlecraft world.

Large fabric rectangles, a meter, some skillful and precise soapstone strokes, and then cuttings which suddenly happened to be a perfect inlay for what would have become a dress, a jacket, a blouse, a coat...
I learnt that all of those things can be produced with our very own hands, and creating clothing, objects and accessories rapidly seemed - and seems! - to me the most beautiful thing on Earth.

I was a tiny five-years-old girl and already had my darning-needle and coloured cotton and nylon threads, ready to create a new whole wardrobe for my dolls..or dolls themselves! 

These are dolls I made at the age of 8

Later, my big love for bags and accessories.

So, what with one encouragement and another, here I am to propose to you bloggers my creations, hoping they are to your liking. I will also share with you my new ideas and projects and I hope to find someone with whom to reciprocally share our personal "sewing experience".

I draw, paint, play the guitar, sing and in addition to bags, I also take delight in making little crafts, ranging over bath and beauty products, greetings cards and other little things suitable for gifts.

In my daily life, I am a college student in Art Diagnostic for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, learning a material approach to art objects and feeding my inborn curiosity for materials and their chemical and physical properties.

Chiara, the Lantern Bug

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