domenica 14 agosto 2011


Hi everyone, today's sunday 14th and here's the surprise I promised a few days ago!
August is Lantern Bug's birthday month, so, why not celebrate it with a special discount?
Here's a -10% discount spendable for any Lantern Bug item!

Coupon Code: 1STBDAY11

How does it work?
Copy the coupon code and past it on the coupon box while making your order: the price applied to the purchasing will be 10% off!
Easy and quick!
So, what are you waiting for? 

Please note that you cannot sum coupon codes up: you can only use them once at the time. This means that you can use Lantern Bug's first birthday coupon code OR MIIT coupon code. They're both a 10% discount :)  Note that while you cannot sum discounts up (eg. 10% + 10% -> 20% off), you can obviously apply the discount to the sum of two or more items (eg. item1 + item2 = tot -> this is the price to which the discount will be applied).

*The Offer ends on August 31st, 12pm.

{ Leggi il contenuto in italiano - chiave di ricerca: Compleanno }

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