martedì 14 giugno 2011

Rondò, the Retro Pouch

Rondò - retro pouch, new item on sale, out on June 15th!

...I told you to stay tuned! Here's the roly-poly newcomer in Lantern Bug's crafts world: Rondò

Rondò is a graceful retro-style cotton-made pouch, in fine shades of sade green swirled around with a delicate ivory flower print. A fluffy light cream lining rises to the bag slash, perfectly tuned with the gentle herringbone cotton ribbon tied in a bow. 

- Bag
Height 19 cm
Width 15 cm
Depth 7 cm

- Hand strap
Lenght 24 cm

Don't miss it, grab it at Lantern Bug's shop on Etsy!

{ Leggi il contenuto in italiano - chiave di ricerca: RONDO', la pochette retro}

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