giovedì 7 giugno 2012

Miscellaneous updates

Hi everybody, here's Lantern Bug with some news for you all. 

As you all already know, Emilia region has been devastated by multiple earthquakes in the last two weeks, giving us no peace and a lot of fear and anxiety. 
As a mark of respect for the national mourning, Lantern Bug chose not to list the sixth new item last monday, June 4th. The release of Leafy Gem has been postponed to next monday, together with the already scheduled seventh item.

If you want to show your solidarity for the people involved in the earthquake disaster, Lantern Bug has elected Flora shoulderbag as "solidarity item". This means that the 55% of the item's price (so 20 € out of 36) will go to the Regione Emilia-Romagna earthquake fund
As usual, Paypal will be the only payment method accepted, and as soon as I'll receive it, I'll donate the solidarity quote (20€, which is approximately the 55% of the item's price) to the Region's fund. The item will then be shipped along with the donation receipt, other than the usually provided coupon code for further purchases on Lantern Bug's online store on Etsy.

Please spread the word and support money and food relief for the earthquake areas.

It seems a little of a blasphemy to talk of frivolous things now, but distracting oneself isn't so bad when tv and other media keep on bombarding your brain and retinas with anguish and negative news. So, if I chose to suspend the new collection release for a week, on the other hand I thought that the surprise I had planned for these days shouldn't be withdrawn, so, here it is. 

As you probably know, the European football championship is about to start and Lantern Bug has a little surprise for you all. If you are a huge football fan - or simply if you have a weakness for genuine handmade - don't miss out the Euro2012 giveaway by Lantern Bug!

What you have to do is easy and fun: guess the final match and win! So:
1- Become a fan of Lantern Bug on facebook if you aren't yet
2- Guess the two teams who'll face each other on the final match and write it as a comment on the facebook event page
3- share the link on your wall

Submissions will be accepted till June 25th (8.00 pm, GMT+1) and the winner will be decreed on July 1st. In case of multiple winners, the names will be submitted to a random generator of lists (

Well, you're right, what's up as a prize? The item will be revealed on June 14th..! So, stay tuned and GUESS ;) !

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